Fantasy was the first children's clinic in Russia to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)

Why is it important?

Joint Commission International, JCI

We are the first pediatric clinic in Russia to receive JCI accreditation, ensuring we comply with the highest world standards of quality care and patient safety.

What is JCI?

Joint Commission International ( founded in the USA in 1917, is the world’s oldest and most authoritative medical regulatory organization for certifying healthcare organizations. JCI is recognized as the gold standard in the medical community.

The standards are very strict with only 800 healthcare organizations in 90 countries attaining accreditation under the international standards of Joint Commission International. Fantasy Clinic received its accreditation certificate on November 17, 2016, and we take great pride in this achievement!

Joint Commission International, JCI

How have we been evaluated?

Critical aspects such as patient safety, quality of care, minimization of clinical errors, and safety at the clinic were all evaluated at Fantasy Clinic.

What does it mean for our little patients?

  • Fantasy Clinic complies with the highest international medical standards. The interests and safety of our patients are paramount.
  • Our clinics provide only evidence-based treatment.
  • Enhanced requirements for the safety of our little patients, including identification at all stages of diagnostics and treatment, and special bracelets for children.
  • Reliable protection against medical errors, involving only written orders, clear surgical protocols, and particular attention to the use of medications.
  • Special requirements for clinic safety — all clinics are equipped with ramps, stairlifts, call buttons, and so on to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections and accidents.
  • Safe anesthesia and surgical care — mandatory continuous patient monitoring during sedation (nitrous oxide) and general anesthesia, with a thorough assessment of the patient before general anesthesia is administered.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies are installed at all our clinics, to ensure the continuous operation of equipment in the event of a power cut.
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