Hello! My name is Vladimir Alexandrovskiy; I'm a founder and a General Director of Fantasy Clinic.

I'm a father of two daughters and I know how difficult it is to find the pediatrician best for you! That is why in April 2015 I opened Fantasy Clinic in Moscow, where small patients can get advanced medical help. Also, their parents can relax knowing that their kids are in the hands of qualified and attentive doctors.

We've engaged American and Israeli specialists to work on the Fantasy project. I also completed my residency at Schneider Children's Medical Center (Israel) and finished a course on healthcare management at Harvard Business School. By that time we'd already got a successful experience in children's dentistry: our chain of clinics Dental Fantasy, where we provide qualified and global standard dental services, has been developing for over 10 years.

In Fantasy Clinic in Moscow we've gathered a great team of the most experienced clinical pediatricians. I'm proud of this team! Our doctors  are responsible for the result of treatment. They call parents after appointment to control the treatment. Our pediatricians don't prescribe any unnecessary examinations or medicines "just in case", they give a referral to some particular specialists or an expensive diagnostics only if it is essential. Our doctors are polite, friendly, and respect the parents' opinion. We help the parents to understand the core of the disease, explain its causes, possible complications and give a detailed treatment plan.

In spring 2016 we signed a contract with Children's Center "Schneider". And now our little patients have a possibility to consult online with a specialist of one of the best world's medical centers. We can also organize treatment of a child in this Center directly. 

Fantasy Clinic is located on 36 Garibaldi ul. — next to Dental Fantasy.

Thank you for choosing Fantasy!

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